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How to Reset the Pantech Flex


How to Reset the Pantech FlexIf your Pantech Flex smartphone isn’t working properly, you can usually fix it with one of the device’s reset functions. The soft reset option reboots the Flex if it freezes and won’t respond to touch.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to try a hard reset. This option will erase everything on your Flex, though, including Google account information, contacts, email and apps.

Hard Reset

Power on the Flex and tap the “Menu” button. Tap the “Settings” icon, and then touch “Backup & Reset.”

Touch “Reset Phone.” At the confirmation prompt, tap “Erase Everything.” The Flex may take a few minutes to delete all stored content. The Flex will restart when this process is complete.

Soft Reset

Turn off the Flex and flip the device over. Insert your fingernail into the notch near the bottom of the phone. The back cover will release.

Lift off the back cover, and then remove the battery. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and reinsert the battery. Replace the battery cover by pressing down until it locks in place. Turn the Flex back on.

Tips & Warnings

  1. To back up content before a reset, go to the Backup & Reset menu. Tap “Back Up My Data” to save your settings, passwords and app data to the Google server. If you enable the Automatic Restore option, the Flex will automatically restore your saved content after resetting the phone.
  2. The hard reset process deletes all content on the Flex.