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How to Change Passcodes on EVO


How to Change Passcodes on EVOPasscodes on EVO phones help to keep unauthorized people from accessing the information contained on them. After your phone is idle for a period of time, you need the passcode to get back into it.

When your passcode is compromised, your contacts and other data are accessible by others. Whether or not someone has your passcode it is still a good idea to occasionally change it. The new passcode takes effect immediately.

Press “Home” on your EVO phone; then tap “Menu” to display the extended screen for your phone.

Tap “Settings” and then tap “Security” to view the available options to secure your phone. Tap “Change Screen Lock” and enter your current passcode. Tap “PIN” and enter the new passcode. Re-enter it to confirm the change. Press “Home” to exit to the EVO’s home screen.

Tips & Warnings

  1. It is important that you remember the new passcode. If you forget it, you may have to hard reset your phone to gain access to it again. During the reset, all of your data is erased.