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How to Check IMEI on a Galaxy Note


How to Check IMEI on a Galaxy NoteThe International Mobile Equipment Identity number is like a fingerprint for a mobile phone — no two mobile phones have the same number.

You can use the IMEI for a number of tasks including flagging the phone as stolen and programming it for a new carrier. If you need to check your Galaxy Note’s IMEI number, you can do so through the phone’s settings or by viewing its bar code tag.


Tap “Apps” from the Home screen of the Galaxy Note. Tap “Settings” and then “About Phone.” Information about the phone is displayed. Tap “Status” and slide the screen down until you reach the “IMEI” field, where you’ll see the IMEI number listed.

Bar Code Tag

Press and hold the “Power” button on the Galaxy Note. Tap “Power Off” and then “OK” to turn off the phone. Remove the phone’s battery cover and battery. Locate the IMEI number on the bar code tag and write it down if you need it. Replace the phone’s battery and battery cover.