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How to Reset a Galaxy S When Locked Out


How to Reset a Galaxy S When Locked OutProblems with the Samsung Galaxy S can keep you from getting into it when you need to. Whether you have forgotten the pass code to access the phone, or it is on the fritz, you can still reset it without accessing its settings.

The phone has a built-in feature that lets you reset it using the buttons. When you reset the phone, all of the data is erased and your settings return to the factory defaults.

Press and hold the “Volume Up,” “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously. Release the “Power” button when the phone starts to vibrate.

Do not release the other buttons. Release the “Volume Up” and “Home” buttons when the recovery menu appears on your phone’s display. Press the “Volume Down” button until “Wipe Cache Partition” is highlighted on the screen. Press the “Power” button once to start the resetting process.

Wait for the phone to restart. When prompted, tap the language you want to use on the phone, then tap “Next.” Tap the Wi-Fi network to use, if one is available, and enter the password for it. Tap “Connect,” then tap “Next.” Tap “Next” and enter your Gmail address and password. Tap “Next” until you reach the screen to sign in or create a Samsung account. Enter your username and password, if you choose to sign into the account. Tap “Next,” then “Finish” to complete the initial setup wizard.