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How to Make a File Shortcut on an Android Phone


The Android operating system allows you to create icons, widgets and shortcuts on the Home screen to allow for easy access to that item without opening folders and sliding through screens, as long as there is space available on the designated screen. Shortcuts can point to apps, browser bookmarks, map directions, individual file folders and other OS elements.

Drag and Drop a Shortcut to an App

  • Touch the “Applications” button from the Home screen. Slide the screen to locate the desired app.
  • Touch and hold the app icon until you see the outline of the Home screen beneath the icon.
  • Drag the icon to the desired location. Continue to touch the icon until the Home screen below enlarges, then release the icon.
  • Touch the icon to launch the app or touch the “Home” button to exit the screen.

Create a Shortcut on the Home Screen

  • Slide to the Home screen on which you want to add the shortcut.