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How to Activate Roaming for Etisalat


If you are based in Asia or the Middle East and you use the Etisalat carrier network for your cellphone or smartphone, you can activate the network’s roaming function to connect to the service while visiting the United States or another country.

Once you’ve contacted Etisalat customer service and the carrier has enabled roaming, you can activate this feature on your mobile phone. Enable automatic roaming to automatically connect to other networks or select manual roaming to choose your preferred network from the list of available carriers.

Things You’ll Need : Tri-band cellphone or smartphone for the U.S.

Automatic Roaming

Go to the main menu function on your mobile phone. You can usually access this using the “Menu” key on the phone handset or the “Menu” option on the home screen. Select “Settings” and then choose “Network Selection” or “Networks.” Click or tap “Automatic” from the list of options. If necessary, click or tap “OK” to save the changes.

Manual Roaming

Open the phone’s main menu.

Go to “Settings” and select “Network Selection” or “Networks.” Click or tap “Manual” from the options list. Select an available network from the list of carriers detected by the phone. Click or tap “OK.”

Tips & Warnings

  1. Before activating roaming, individual customers will need to provide Etisalat with a valid passport and pay an upfront deposit before activating roaming; business customers only need to provide a request letter from their companies.
  2. To use the roaming feature in the United States, you must have a tri-band mobile phone.
  3. Menu navigation varies by phone model and brand, but you’ll usually be able to access the network options from the “Settings” menu.