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How to Convert DSN Prefixes to Commercial Phone Numbers


DSN is short for Defense Switched Network, the system that handles both secure and non-secure interbase communications for the United States military. The DSN’s primary function is non-secure dial-up voice communication. The DSN is only used for official communication, not for personal use. The DSN was created in 1982 by order of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. You can convert a DSN number to a civilian number by using the conversion tables on the DSN website, or by contacting the DSN operator.

Browse to the DSN-to-Commercial-Conversion-Tables page. You can find the link in the Resources section below. Look up the prefix number on the list of tables. Find the commercial number to the right of the DSN prefix, under the field labeled “Commercial Equivalent.”

Tips & Warnings

  1. If you need to look up a number that does not appear on the list, you can call the DSN operator at (312) 560-1110.