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How to Update a Motorola Tracfone Cell Phone


Updating a Motorola Tracfone ensures the phone is equipped with the latest software available. Updates that might be available include security fixes, application updates and new features. Updates are offered from both Motorola and Tracfone. The update can be performed from the headset, over-the-air. It can be completed in a matter of minutes and usually at no cost.

Press the “Menu” key, then select “Settings” from the options. Select “Phone Status,” then “Software Update.” Select “Check Server.” Wait for the phone to check for updates, then press “OK” to agree to the download and installation of the updates. Power the phone off. Turn the phone back on after one minute.

Tips & Warnings : Depending on the model of the Motorola phone, the updates may be located in the “Tools” folder. It can be accessed by pressing the “Menu” key, then “Tools.”