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Unlocking Your Android Phone Using Your Fingerprint


While it would be fun to press your finger on your Android phone’s screen and have the phone scan it for your identity, as of publication, the technology isn’t there yet. Fingerprint scanning apps are available, but they do not actually scan your fingerprints. If you want a neat app that fools your friends, download a fake scanner, but if you’re looking for a real fingerprint scanner, you have to purchase a peripheral device.

Fingerprint Scanners

The phone screen on Android devices is not a biometric scanner and is not designed to take your fingerprints. The only fingerprint scanners in the Play Store are apps designed to appear to use your fingerprints. You set up a certain tap timing or series of inputs, and then perform the set so that it appears as if pressing your finger on the scanner is what unlocks the phone. The apps are more puzzle unlockers than fingerprint unlockers.