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How to Change the Ringtone on a Samsung Beat Cell Phone


How to Change the Ringtone on a Samsung Beat Cell PhoneThe Samsung Beat is a popular phone for music fans. This phone comes equipped with its own music player, video player, memory card options and more than a few instant messaging capability options.

You’ll have your favorite tunes with you everywhere you go with this cell phone. Before you start downloading, though, it’s time to pick a ringtone.

Things You’ll Need : Samsung Beat cell phone

Open your phone and press the “Menu” soft key to get to the main menu of your phone. This is where you can find and change all the settings of your phone, including ringtones. If you ever have trouble navigating your menu, the cell phone’s user manual will have detailed instructions to help you. Select the type of ringtone. You have two choices for changing your tone: You can select from the pre-programmed ringtones on your phone or download your own ringtones from applications on your cell phone that will take you to a searchable menu and allow you to listen to ringtones before you select them.

Find ringtones already on your Samsung Beat. Go to the main menu and select the “Fun & Apps” section, then choose “Sounds.” You’ll see some applications to download ringtones, but you want the Sounds section inside that has pre-programmed ringtones. To change the sound of your ring, go to “Ring tone” and find the “Default sound” menu to choose and listen to your cell phone’s pre-programmed rings.

Download new ringtones of your favorite songs. Go to the the “Fun & Apps” section and select either “Browse MegaTones” or “Browse HiFi Ringers.” These are both applications where you can find ringtones. Most ringtones in these programs cost anywhere from $1 to $5 per tone. You can also find both of these applications under “Settings,” then “Sound Settings” and “Download New.”

Change your ringtone when you’re in the “Music Player” application, listening to a song. When you’re playing a song, go to the “Options” menu and select “Set as” to select that particular song as your ringtone. Locate ringtones on your phone (and find the ringtones you downloaded) by going to the “Settings” section from your main menu and selecting “Sound Settings.” In this menu, you can also change your Flip tone, and change the sound you hear when you receive a message on your cell phone.