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How to Change the Ringtone on a Motorola Cell Phone


How to Change the Ringtone on a Motorola Cell PhoneA ringtone is a great feature. It can give any phone great personality. In fact, the decision to get a ringtone can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a phone user.

This is why the Motorola company has made changing your ringtone so simple and easy to do. You can change your ringtone in as little as a few minutes! While some things may differ from model to model, the steps listed below will certainly help you to change your Motorola ringtone in minutes. Read more to learn how.

Things You’ll Need : A Motorola cell phone

Turn on your Motorola cell phone. The main screen will become visible in seconds. Press the “menu” key on your Motorola cell phone keypad to retrieve the menu function. Navigate the menu listings until you find the “settings” heading. Select this option.

Select the “ringtones” or “ring styles” option from the settings menu. This will provide a list of available ringtones. Look for the “detail” heading and then select “change” from the available options. Move all the way down to the “calls” options and then click “change” from the menu that appears.

Scroll through the list of available ringtones. If you want to preview a ringtone, simply scroll over the file name; a short clip will play. Select a ringtone from the list. Turn your phone off and then power it up again.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Scroll through all ringtone options before choosing an appropriate one.