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How to Make Ringtones


How to Make RingtonesYour cell phone’s ringtone is as unique as your signature. It expresses your personality and your musical taste. If you really want to be creative, software is available that allows you to make ringtones from your own music collection. Follow these guidelines to make your own ringtones for your cell phone.

Things You’ll Need : Computer, Internet access, Cell phone carrier, Cell phone number, Ringtone software, Music or prerecorded sounds, Cell phone email address

Search the Internet for software that allows you to make ringtones for your cell phone. Take advantage of programs such as Make Your Own Ringtones, Xingtone Ringtone Maker and Audacity that let you make ringtones from your personal music collection. You select the tunes to edit, pick the slice of the song you want for your ringtone and then download it. Make sure the software program you are using is compatible with your computer’s operating system.

Use songs directly off a CD or sounds you have recorded to make ringtones. You’ll get a better sound than if you make them from an MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Player) audio file formats. Limit your ringtone clip to 20 seconds. Verify your cell phone’s compatibility with the free ringtones before adding them to your phone.

Email your new ringtone to your phone after verifying your phone’s email address with your service provider. You can also download directly to your phone or download it to your computer first and then upload it to your phone. Check your ringtone on your cell phone, save it and then designate it as your ringer.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Many sites offering “free” ringtone software require you to open an account or pay a monthly fee.
    Emailing ringtones may cause you to exceed your limit and result in extra charges, so first check with your service provider.