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How to Buy a Ringtone


How to Buy a RingtoneBuying ringtones to customize your cellphone has a number of benefits. Besides upgrading from the old and boring bells and chimes of yesteryear, you can personalize your cellphone to your style.

Having a unique ringtone also has the practical application of helping you immediately identify when your phone is the one ringing in a crowd. No matter what type of music or media you like, you can find something to suit your tastes online.

Things You’ll Need : Cellphone that supports downloaded ringtones

Buy Ringtones Online

Search for a ringtone provider online. There are thousands of different providers from which you may choose.

Determine whether you want to join a subscription-based ringtone provider or buy ringtones one at a time. You may save a few dollars per ringtone with a subscription, but unless you are purchasing many ringtones per month, subscription services are usually not cost-effective. Provide your phone number and cellphone-carrier information to the site you join. This is usually required.

Browse through the selection of thousands of ringtones or search for the particular one you want. Ringtones are usually organized by category and can be found by artist. Select the ringtones you like, and have it sent to you by SMS text messaging or email. You may also be provided with a password that will allow you access to the ringtones you have chosen. Install the ringtones in the sound folder of your cellphone, and program how you would like to use them.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Buy ringtones by text messaging. Some ringtone providers allow you to text a message or code to their text numbers to automatically purchase the ringtone associated with that code.
  2. Save money by creating your own ringtones from music you already own. Use sound-editing and ringtone conversion software that is available for free on the Internet.
  3. Check with your parents, if you are under 18, before buying ringtones.
  4. Be careful to read the fine print in the Terms & Condition sections of subscription-based ringtone websites. There can be hidden fees that you don’t know about until they show up on your cellphone bill.
  5. Make sure you can cancel your subscription to a ringtone service at anytime. When you no longer want to buy ringtones, you shouldn’t have to keep paying.
  6. Keep a record of all your ringtone purchases, and check it against your cellphone bill on a monthly basis. Protest any errant charges immediately.