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How to Send Ring Tones to Other Phones


How to Send Ring Tones to Other PhonesYour friend’s phone rings to the tune of your favorite song. You want to have it for your own ring tone, but your friend doesn’t know where she got it in the first place. No problem. She can send it to you.
Send a Ring Tone From an Android Phone

Sending a ring tone can be as easy as looking up and sharing a file — if you have an Android phone.
Step 1: Open Your File Manager

Open ES File Manager or a similar program, such as Root Explorer or Astro File Manager with Cloud.

Step 2: Find Your Ringtones Folder

Search the folders on your phone for one called Ringtones. Other folders that may contain ring tones are those for apps with which you download ring tones, such as Zedge, as pictured here. Other apps might include Myxer Ringtones or ToneCrusher.

Step 3: Select a Ring Tone

Select the ring tone, or ring tones, that you want to send, and use the three-dot menu to expand the options. Tap Share.

Step 4: Select Email for Sharing

Select your email client to send the ring tone. Pictured here, Inbox by Gmail — Google’s Material Design mail client — is selected. SMS is not an option since, at the time of publication, Android allows only pictures or recorded messages as text message attachments. Next, enter the email address and any message you want to send along with the ring tone.

Send a Ring Tone from an iPhone

IOS does not have a file manager onboard to easily view files like Android does, but you can drag and drop ring tones from iTunes — which means that a PC has to get involved. You cannot send a ring tone directly from your iPhone to another phone.
Step 1: Select Your Device in iTunes

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. When the phone icon appears at the top of the screen, select it.