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How to Upgrade a TracFone


Upgrading your TracFone will allow you to switch to another TracFone prepaid phone at any time. Since TracFone is prepaid, upgrades are preformed at any time throughout your service and there are no additional fees. In order to upgrade your existing phone, you will need to have purchased the new phone from any participating wireless store or directly through TracFone. Upgrading will allow you to keep any unused minutes and transfer your current telephone number to your new TracFone.

Online – Navigate to the activation page on the TracFone website to upgrade your phone. Have both your old phone and new phone available during the upgrade process. Select the ratio button next to “Transfer my service and phone number from one TracFone to Another.”

Select the model of your new phone from the photos beneath the transfer option. Confirm your selection and click “Submit” to continue. Select the TracFone you are currently using from the next screen. Confirm your selection on the right side of the page before pressing “Submit.” Log in to your TracFone account if you have previously made one for your old phone. Register for an account if you have not by clicking the register button beneath “New Online Customers.”