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Cool TracFone Tricks


When most people think of TracFones, they think of nearly disposable cell phones that are prepaid and only good for simple calls. However, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to get more out of your TracFone. These tricks can make your TracFone seem almost like a smart phone, without the expensive charges a regular phone requires.

Running Searches With Google – Thanks to Google, you can make your TracFone smarter with just a few easy steps. In your contacts, create a new contact named “Google Search” with the phone number of “466453.” Send a text to this number to perform different tasks. For example, send a text to Google Search with the phrase “Movies 90210,” but replace those five digits with your ZIP code. This will return a text to you with the movies playing in your area. For an entire list of commands you can use with Google’s SMS service, see Resources or text “Help” to that contact to receive a list of various commands right on your phone.

Send and Receive Email – First, you will need to know what carrier TracFone “piggybacks” on in your area. Get this information by calling TracFone and providing them with your ZIP code. Typically, they will use one of the major cell phone carriers in your area. Find your text-to-email gateway with the provider with which TracFone piggybacks (see Resources).