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Can You Save Stuff Onto a Kindle?


You can save files on your Kindle by wirelessly downloading eBooks from your Amazon archive or by transferring content from your computer. In addition to being an eReader, the Kindle also includes an MP3 player, so you can transfer MP3 audio files and save them on the Kindle to listen to music with the device. You can even use your Kindle as temporary external storage, similar to a USB drive, by copying files from your computer onto the device. Wi-Fi access is required to download files from your Amazon archive and save them directly to the Kindle.

Things You’ll Need : USB cable, Kindle keyboard enabled

USB File Transfer

  • Connect the USB cable to the Kindle‚Äôs micro-USB connector, then plug the other end of the cable in to a USB port on the computer. The Kindle registers as an external removable drive in the operating system, and an icon is displayed on the desktop.