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How to Do Screenshots on Motorola Blur


Taking a screenshot of Motorola’s widget-based Android interface “Motoblur” is a task that requires the use of a computer, as cellphone devices alone cannot perform this task. Freely available software will allow you to capture a Motoblur screenshot of a Motorola device connected to your computer, just like it happens when you press the “Print Screen” button, before you can send back the image to the phone.

Especially when you encounter error messages on your phone, Motoblur screenshots can help technicians fully understand any problems.

Things You’ll Need : Motorola USB driver, Android software development kit (SDK), Java software development kit (JDK)

Download the Motorola USB driver, the Android software development kit (SDK) and the Java software development kit (JDK) to your computer. Extract the USB driver and the SDK to your desktop, and install the JDK.

Go to the App menu on your phone and select “Settings,” then “Applications.” On the “Development” tab, check the “USB Debugging” box. Connect your device to your computer with the USB cable provided by Motorola. Your computer will automatically try to install the drivers for your phone, so follow the installation guide to the end.

Open the Android SDK folder on your desktop and click on “SDK Setup.exe.” Click the “Refresh” button, to ensure that the application shows you the drivers already installed. Click on “Available Packages” on the list at the left side of the window and install all available packages. Exit the window when installation is complete. Go back to the Android SDK folder and open the “Tools” sub-folder. Open the “DDMS.BAT” application and click on the Device menu from the toolbar of the window. Click on “Screen Capture” to take a shot of your active Motoblur screen.