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What Are the Meanings of the Icons on a Motorola Razr?


The Motorola Razr cellphone uses icons as short-hand communication to indicate different functions, programs and tools available for you to use. Use the “Menu” key and the central round “Navigation” keys to navigate to the icons on the Motorola Razr’s screen.

The Main Menu screen contains nine icons: Phonebook, Recent Calls, Messages, Bluetooth, Games & Apps, Web Access, Multimedia, Tools and Settings.


The “Phonebook” icon looks like a book with a telephone receiver attached to it. The icon is part of the standard “Main Menu” layout. The “Phonebook” contains all of the phone numbers you have stored and lets you search for specific phone numbers.

Recent Calls

The “Recent Calls” icon on the “Main Menu” standard layout resembles a notepad with a telephone receiver next to it. Select the “Recent Calls” icon to access your received calls, dialed calls, notepad, call times, data times and data volumes.


Resembling an envelope, the “Messages” icon from the “Main Menu” screen lets you create messages, access your message inbox, use MMS templates for texting, read QuickNotes, check your voicemail messages, check your email messages, view your outbox and read message drafts.


The “Bluetooth” icon looks like the letter “B” in a blue oval. Bluetooth creates a short-distance wireless signal between two Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as the Motorola Razr and a computer.

Selecting the “Bluetooth” icon gives you access to set up Bluetooth with headsets and car kits to make handsfree calls, with a computer to exchange files or with another Bluetooth enabled phone.

Games & Apps

Resembling a video game joystick, the “Games & Apps” icon on the “Main Menu” gives you access to the games and application programs available on the Motorola Razr. Some games come standard with the Razr and others are available for purchase. Applications specifically for the Motorola Razr are found on the Motorola website.

Web Access

Use the Internet on the Motorola Razr by selecting the “Web Access” icon, which looks like a door in front of a globe. You can browse the Internet using the browser, access Web shortcuts, view stored Web pages, look at your Internet history, go to any URL, set up your browser specifications or use Web sessions.


The “Multimedia” icon looks like a film strip with a music note symbol on it and is an icon available on the “Main Menu” layout. After selecting “Multimedia,” you can access the different themes available for the Motorola Razr, use the camera, view your pictures, customize sounds and ringtones and take videos with the video camera.


The “Settings” icon on the “Main Menu” screen looks like a screwdriver and a wrench side by side. Selecting “Settings” will take you to another screen with more icons.

The “Settings” icons are the Personalize icon, the Ring Styles icon, the Connection icon, the Call Forward icon, the In-Call Setup icon, the Initial Setup icon, the Phone Status icon, the Headset icon, the Car Settings icon, the Airplane mode icon, the Network icon, the Security icon and the Java Settings icon.


A pencil, a clock and a calendar create the icon for the “Tools” menu on the “Main Menu” screen. You can use the Motorola Razr’s calculator or datebook, view shortcuts, use the voice records, configure the alarm clock and customize your phone’s dialing settings.