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How to Enlarge the Font on a Motorola Smartphone


Your Motorola smartphone adds convenience to your life by giving you the ability to search online and send and receive messages right from the device. However, despite the larger screen size of many of today’s smartphones, the font might still be too small for comfortable reading.

You can enlarge the font size in the Web browser and for your emails on your Motorola smartphone by going into each application’s Settings menu. The process differs slightly from model to model, but is basically the same for most models.

Browser Font

Launch the browser on your Motorola smartphone.

Touch “Menu,” then touch “More.” Some Motorola models, such as the CLIQ, do not have a “More” option. In this case, continue to the next step. Touch “Settings,” then select “Text Size.” Choose the font size you want. The Droid and the Milestone have five options: Tiny, Small, Normal, Large and Huge. Close and re-open the browser.

Email Font

Open the email application on your Motorola phone. Push the “Menu” key and touch “Email Settings.” For models without “Email Settings,” select “Messaging Settings” and “Email.” Touch “Read Options” and “Select Text Size.” Choose the size you want and open an email to see the changes.