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How to Transfer Pictures From Motorola RAZR V3s to Computers


Pictures saved to your Motorola RAZR V3’s internal memory or memory card are transferable to your computer. A copy of the picture is transferred while the original image remains on your RAZR V3 mobile phone. You can elect where to save the pictures from your phone onto your computer.

The pictures may be transferred without the use of special software. After transferring the pictures, you can edit or share them as you normally would.

Things You’ll Need : USB cable

Connect your Motorola RAZR V3 to the computer with a USB cable. Click “USB Drive” when prompted. Click “Start” on your computer, then click “Computer” to view the connected devices.

Double-click the RAZR V3’s icon in the “Removable Disk” section to display a folder for the phone. Double-click “DCIM” and open the “Thumbnails” folder to view the pictures currently saved on the RAZR V3.

Locate and open the folder on the computer to which you want to transfer the mobile phone pictures to the computer. Drag the pictures from the RAZR V3’s folder to the other folder. Release the pictures to transfer them to the new folder. Disconnect the Motorola RAZR V3 from the computer when finished transferring pictures.