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How to Record Sound on a Motorola Droid


Motorola’s DROID is a smartphone that is available to Verizon Wireless mobile service subscribers. True to its name, the DROID features the Google Android operating system. The DROID includes the typical multimedia capabilities that you expect from a modern phone, including a digital camera, video recorder and sound recorder.

However, it’s surprisingly difficult to locate the DROID’s sound recorder. The only way to start the sound recorder without installing a new application is through the phone’s text message feature.

Tap the “Messaging” icon in your DROID’s home screen.

Tap “New Message” and select yourself as the recipient of the message. Tap “Settings,” then tap “Attachment.” Tap “Record” to activate the DROID’s sound recorder. Record the sound clip that you wish to record and save the sound to your message when you’re done. Send the text message. The message will arrive in your text message inbox with the recorded sound attached to the message.