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How to Save TracFone Data to a SIM Card


TracFone is a popular wireless choice for consumers looking to save money on their cellphone bill. It is a pay-as-you-go phone service that requires no contracts, no activation fees and no monthly bills, so users can have complete control over their wireless service. Just like most cellphones, TracFone phones have a SIM card that stores all the information that goes through the phone. But unlike other phones where you can swap SIM cards between devices, the TracFone Sim card will only work with one specific phone. Even if you buy a new TracFone, you won’t be able to use the old SIM card. Most data on your TracFone (SMS messages, incoming/outgoing calls) are automatically saved to your SIM card, but your contact list is not.

Turn on your TracFone and open your “Contacts” list. Select a contact name and open the “Options” menu. TracFone offers several different cellular models for its service and the Options menu will open differently on each model.