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Finding Slow Processes on Android


Despite using the latest technology, huge amounts of memory and multi-core processors, sometimes even the most powerful Android device can be brought to its knees by a runaway app eating up resources. Tracking down the offending process can be as simple as a few taps in the Settings menu, or you can automate the process as well. No matter how you find them, locating resource hogs is the first step in making your Android run faster than molasses in January.

Signs of Slow Processes

When an app or other process starts to go off the rails, it doesn’t just slow itself down — it can impact other apps and functions on the device as well. Typically a process slows down as it begins to consume more of the device’s resources, such as memory and processor time. As memory and processor usage go up, battery life starts to plummet as well. If you’ve got a device that’s slow to respond in any app and eats up your battery like a kid popping candy on Halloween, chances are you’ve got a slow process somewhere.