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How to Connect a Canon Camera as a Webcam


Most new camcorders come with USB or FireWire ports, making them easy to connect to a computer for video editing. But what about webcasting? Many webcams are the size of a ping pong ball, with easy procedures for transmitting audio and video. But Canon camcorders, and even some of the high-end SLR cameras, can also be wired to act like webcams.

Things You’ll Need ; Canon camcorder or camera with a FireWire , port, FireWire cable, Computer with FireWire connection and graphics card, Canon installation CD (comes with camera)


  • Your Canon camera comes with software that will allow it to be used as a webcam, according to Best Buy’s Jose Ortiz, a New York-based Sales Associate in Digital Imaging. Begin by installing that software so your computer will recognize the device for webcasting. Your computer won’t recognize it automatically (unless it was custom-built and has the Canon software pre-installed). The software will also let you know during installation if your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for running your model of camera as a webcam. If you don’t have the installation software, search Canon’s website for a downloadable version.