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How to Eliminate Unsolicited Text Messages


It used to be illegal for people to solicit on cell phones via text or actual call but not anymore. Now people are getting text messages right and left from people who are trying to sell something. There are some ways you can block these unsolicited texts so that you no longer receive them. Register your cell phone with DoNotCall.gov. Click on the “Register Now” link and fill in the requested information. Activate your registration via the email that the FCC will send. Your cell phone number will be added to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Contact your cell phone provider and let them know what is going on, especially if you are paying extra for text messaging. Ask them to block the phone numbers that are sending you unsolicited text messages so you no longer receive texts from the. File complaints with the FCC as well. Log into your cell phone account through your provider’s website. Search for an account options or preference menu. Here you should be able to block certain numbers or email addresses from being able to text or email you. Enter the phone numbers you want blocked into the appropriate fields.

Tips & Warnings : In order for spammers to win, we have to let them. Allowing them to win means you have stopped fighting.