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Editing Android's Auto-Suggest


Auto-suggestions on your Android device are supposed to make texting and emailing easier, but often the device suggests the wrong word or doesn’t include words you use frequently. To make the feature more useful, you can add words to the auto-suggestion list, or you can delete words you added by mistake. The easiest way to modify your list is to add or delete words as needed while you’re composing a message. Most Android devices also allow you to view your full custom dictionary and make changes to the entire list.

Edit Entries While You Type

  • Type the complete word you want to add to the auto-suggest dictionary.
  • Long-press the word if it appears in the list of suggested words. To long-press, hold your finger on the word for a few seconds. If the word doesn’t appear among the suggestions, then long-press the word after your finish typing it in. On some devices you may need to double-tap the word instead of long-pressing.