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How to Format a Nokia 6110 Navigator


The Nokia 6110 Navigator, released in June 2007, includes Bluetooth technology and GPS navigation software. The phone also comes with media features such as a video player, music player and camera. While using one of the 6110’s applications or programs, your phone may freeze or experience data corruption.

If this happens, it may be necessary to completely reset the phone, a process also know as formatting. Although this process erases much of the data saved to the phone, it also eliminates the errors you are experiencing.

Press the Nokia 6110 Navigator’s “On/Off” key to turn the phone on. Use the keypad to type “*#7370#,” then press “Yes.” The phone goes through the formatting, or hard reset, process. Press and hold “On/Off,” “*” and “3” simultaneously if you wish to reset a 6110 Navigator that will not turn on. Press “*#7380#” if you want to perform a soft reset on the phone. You may be able to get rid of any errors you are having without needing to fully format the phone.

Tips & Warnings

  1. If the described method does not work for your phone, turn the phone off, then hold down the “Talk,” “3” and “*” keys simultaneously. Press the power button while holding down the keys, then release all keys when the phone turns on and begins to format.
  2. All data that is on the memory card is deleted permanently during formatting.