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How to Know the Date of Manufacturing for a Nokia Cell Phone


Nokia is a Finland-based communications manufacturer that produces consumer cell phones of all kinds. There is some information that you may want to recover about your phone, but Nokia doesn’t provide, like the date when your phone was manufactured.

Even though it is not normally accessible, you can easily retrieve the information by using a secret backdoor code built into the phone’s system. The code unlocks a hidden data log that is not normally accessed by the consumer of the phone.

Turn on your phone and enter your pass code if you have one. Have the phone on the main screen and not in any of the secondary menus. Press the key followed by the # key like you were dialing a phone number. Don’t add any spaces after the # so you can finish adding the secret code. Dial the numbers 92702689 and finish it off with another # sign. This will bring up a list of numbers. Read down to the second line in the list of numbers to find the manufacture date. It will be displayed in MM/YY format, so if your phone was manufactured in January 2000, the number will display as 01/00.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Other information included in the secret menu is the phone’s serial number, its purchase date and the life time of phone usage.