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How to Transfer Contacts From an Old Nokia


To transfer contacts from an old Nokia phone, you can use your network SIM card. A SIM card is issued by your cellular network provider, so you can use it on any phone and transfer contacts, regardless of the phone’s make and model.

Depending on the number of contacts you have to transfer, you may have to perform the action more than once. Typically, a SIM Card has the capacity of storing several hundred contacts.

Navigate to your Nokia’s “Menu” and “Contacts.” Select “Options.”

Choose “Mark All.” Go to “Options” again and select “Copy to SIM direct.” Select the contact details, such as specifying a few contacts to be copied or selecting “All.”

Turn off your cell phone and remove the back cover. Take out the battery and remove the SIM card. Insert the SIM card into the new phone. Power it on. Go to the new phone’s “Contacts.” Select “Options.” Choose “SIM directory.” Select “Options” and “Mark All.” Go to “Options” again and choose “Copy to Contacts.” All your SIM contacts will be transferred to the new phone.