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How to Unlock a Nokia 6233 for Free


Unlocking your cell phone enables you to remove SIM card restrictions, allowing you to install a new SIM card and switch service providers without having to lose your current hand set. You can unlock your Nokia 6233 phone using an online service that offers free Nokia phone unlock services.

Things You’ll Need : IMEI number, Unlock codes

Switch on your Nokia 6233 phone without a SIM card in it.

Enter “*#06#” (without the commas) on your cell phone’s keyboard and hit the “call” button or “enter” button. You will see your Nokia 6233’s IMEI number. Note down the IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique global serial number that identifies your cell phone. Or, remove the battery on your phone and check underneath for a tag with your Nokia cell phone’s model number, along with the phone’s IMEI number.

Visit a website that helps unlock Nokia cell phones for free, such as Unlock it, Unlock Me or Lur.nu.

Choose your cell phone’s make and model from the drop-down list found in the unlocking website. Select “Nokia” in the “Model” drop-down list and “6233” in the “Make” drop-down list.

Select the country and the cell phone provider your Nokia phone is locked to; such as “USA- AT&T.”