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How to Delete Data From a Nokia N95 Phone's Memory


Cell phones, like any other electrical device, are limited in their ability to store data. Once the phone approaches this memory limit, unexpected errors can occur.

Further complicating the issue, it is possible for the user to install apps that take up a great deal of memory real estate without knowing how to delete those apps should they prove less than desirable. Performing a “soft reset” is a reasonable last-ditch option should the memory become overrun with undesired applications.

Press and hold the “Power” key on the top of the unit to turn it off. Press the “Power” key after a few seconds to turn the unit back on. Type “*#7380# ” into the phone and then press the “Call” button. Press the “Call” button again to confirm that you wish to complete the operation.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Be sure to turn the phone off and on before attempting a soft reset. Otherwise, you may have pending errors in the phone’s memory. In such a case, the operation is unlikely to work.
  2. If the phone will not turn on at all, you can access the reset option by pressing the “On,” “Off,” “*” and “3” key at the same time.
  3. The above soft reset procedure will work for most Nokia phones. Check your particular user’s manual for tailor-made solutions.
  4. This procedure will delete contact information as well as stored text messages in most Nokia models. To simply delete old emails and text messages, access them in the normal manner and then press “Up” on the control pad of your phone until “Delete” is highlighted. Press the “Yes” or “OK” button.