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How to Reset a Nokia 6500 Slide Phone


The Nokia 6500 Slide mobile phone features a 2.2-inch TFT display screen, 20MB of internal memory, 3G Internet, a 3.15-megapixel cameral with LED flash, Bluetooth connectivity, and an expansion slot designed for microSD memory card.

The device also includes a micro-USB adapter connection, FM radio, integrated media player and lithium-ion battery for up to six hours of talk time. If your phone suffers from performance problems or locks up completely, try using a reset code to get it in working order again.

Turn on your Nokia 6500 Slide and allow the operating system to load. Perform a soft reset of your phone by entering “*#7780#” (omitting quotes) followed by the “Send” button. Select “Yes” when prompted. A soft reset will restore basic operating files needed to resolve simple bugs or phone errors. Perform a “Hard” reset by entering “*#7370#” (omitting quotes) followed by the “Send” key. A hard reset will restore all of the operating system files back to the original manufacturer’s state. All user-installed programs, contacts or files contained on the phone will be erased.

Tips & Warnings

  1. If performance problems continue after you perform a hard reset, there is likely a hardware issue with the phone that will require repair.