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How to Reset a Nokia 6070


The first step in troubleshooting a problematic Nokia 6070 cell phone is to reset the phone. Resetting it restores the default settings to the phone, possibly correcting the problem. The reset process on a Nokia 6070 does not delete any of your contact information or downloaded information. Those need to be manually deleted one by one. However, your saved preferences, such as ringtone volume and brightness, will be deleted and restored to the default settings.

Hold down the “Power” button until the Nokia 6070 illuminates, indicating it is powered on. Push the “left-hand select” button, indicated by the dash (-) symbol, to enter the main menu. Push the “Down” button until “Settings” is highlighted. Push the “OK” button. Push the “Down” button until “Restore Factory Settings” is highlighted. Push the “OK” button.

Enter your four-digit security PIN when prompted. If you have never set your security PIN, the default PIN is the last four digits of the cell phone’s phone number. Press the “OK” button when asked if you want to restore the phone to default settings.