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How to Find Out Your Mobile Number on a Nokia


Nokia manufactures a wide variety of cell phones that can be used with virtually any service provider. Remembering your number is not always easy because, if you’re like most people, you never call your own cell phone.

There are two methods for figuring out your Nokia number if you happen to forget it. Use the first method with any Nokia model, but the second method only works with models such as the 3500 where the number is saved on the SIM card.

For All Models

Call a friend or family member’s cell phone while you are with the person. Check the call display for the number of the incoming call. This is your cell phone number.

Store the number in your own phone by adding yourself as a contact. That way, the next time you forget your number, you can look it up on your own phone.

For Models on Which the Number Is Stored on the SIM Card

Open your phone’s menu and select “contacts.” Scroll down until you see “My numbers.” Select this option. Select “Telephone.” Your number will appear on the screen.