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How to Update a Nokia 6300


The Nokia 6300 is a small cell phone that allows you to instant message, check emails, listen to music and take and view photos on its high-definition display.

There are software updates available that will give the phone new features and capabilities and improve its overall performance. There are two ways that you can go about updating your Nokia 6300. You can update the software by using your PC or, if your network supports it, you can update directly from the phone.

Things You’ll Need : PC with Windows XP, Vista or 7, USB cable

Using Your PC

Go to the Nokia website and download the Nokia Software Updater. You will use this to update your phone on your PC and will only need to download it once.

Connect your Nokia phone to your computer using a USB cable. There will be a notification at the bottom left-hand corner in the task bar that the device is connected. Open the Nokia update software and follow the onscreen instructions. Continue doing this until you are finished. When this process is complete, close the update software and disconnect the phone from the computer. Your phone will now be updated with the latest software.

Directly From the Phone

Enter the numbers *#0000# on the home screen of the phone. You will be taken to your phone-configuration menu. Select Options and then go to “Check for Updates.” You should see the newest software update for the phone.

Click the most recent update. It should start the update process and you will see a progress bar. There will also be onscreen instructions. Follow them until the update process is finished. Your Nokia 6300 phone should now be updated with the latest software.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Make sure that you back up your phone before updating, because the earlier version of firmware cannot be restored.