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How to Reset a Nokia 6300 Security Password


The security password in a Nokia 6300 lets you control settings and who has access to them. You can make certain features, such as outgoing phone calls, software updates and downloadable content, available only with a security password. The password ensures that if your phone is lost or falls into the wrong hands, no one can make calls or changes. You can change the security password from the security settings menu.

Hold down the “Power” key on top of the Nokia 6300 cell phone until the phone turns on. Push the “Left Select” button or the dash button on the left-hand side of the phone to access the main menu. Scroll through the menu options using the “Up” and “Down” buttons. Highlight “Settings” and press “OK.”

Select “Security” from the settings submenu. Select “Security Module Set” from the security submenu. Enter the current password to enter the security module settings menu. If you have never changed your password, the default is “12345.”

Highlight and select “Change Security Code.” The phone will prompt you to input a five-digit security code. Press the digits, then press “OK.” Re-input the new security code when prompted and click “OK.” If the codes match, the display screen will state “Your Security Code Has Been Changed.” If the codes do not match, the device will prompt you to enter and re-input the five-digit security code until the two codes match.