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How to Unlock a Nokia 5230


Locked cell phones are devices that can only be used with one cell phone provider. The phone will only recognize a SIM card from that specific cell phone provider.

This means that when you travel outside of that providers normal cell phone zones, you are charged high roaming rates. An unlocked cell phone can recognize any cell phone provider’s SIM card. Therefore, when you travel, you can switch the SIM card to a local provider and pay much less expensive rates.

Things You’ll Need : Unlock code

Press the # key. Press the * key three times. This produces the letter p. Press the * key four times. This produces the letter w. Press the * key twice to produce a + sign.

Type in the 15-digit unlock code. There is no universal unlock code. You must order the unlock code from your phone manufacturer as each Nokia phone requires its own unique unlock code. Press the * key twice again to produce a + sign. Press the 1 key and then the # key. The screen will produce the message, SIM restriction off.