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How to Increase the Volume on a Nokia Phone


There are two separate kinds of volume on your Nokia mobile phone: the earpiece volume, which you hear when you are having a conversation or listening to music, and the ringing volume, which you hear when you have an incoming call.

Most Nokia phones have volume keys on the side that will change the volume of the ringer, or the earpiece, depending on the phone’s current mode. However, there are some models, like the C3, that have no volume controls. Increasing the volume on these models of Nokia phones is a little more complicated.

Normal Volume

Make a phone call or play an audio or video file. You can only manipulate the sound while you are listening to a call or a media file.

Scroll up using the top of the two volume buttons on the right side of the Nokia device. On some devices, you may have to scroll up using the directional pad instead. Listen to the ear piece and continue to increase the volume until it is at your desired level.

Ringer Volume

Press the “Menu” button to access the main menu, then scroll to “Settings.” Scroll to “Profiles” or “Set Profile” and select it. Then scroll to your active profile and select it. You will be given three options on the screen. Select “Customize” to continue.

Scroll down to the bottom of the listed settings where you will find “Ringing Volume.” Select the arrow on the right side of the volume meter and select it to raise the ringing volume. Select “Save” to save your changes and return you to the “Profiles” menu.