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How to Add Tamil Language to Nokia Mobiles


Tamil is a language spoken by Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. If you know of family and friends that live those areas, you may want to communicate with them through text messages and email. This is especially useful if you cannot afford making international phone calls.

Unfortunately, you may not have Tamil language installed on your Nokia phone. Some websites have free Tamil language software that you can use to communicate with your friends and family.

Things You’ll Need : Tamil language software, Nokia sync software, USB data cable

Download Tamil language software for your Nokia phone. Examples include TamilPad, Tami Keyboard 1.0 and Kural Tamil Software 4.0 (see Resources). Save the file to your desktop for easy access. Attach one end of the USB data cable to your desktop computer or laptop. Attach the other end to your Nokia phone.

Insert your Nokia’s sync software in your desktop computer or laptop’s disk drive. Wait for it to launch on the screen. If you do not have sync software, contact your cell phone provider. Select “Sync Options” or a similar function. Your computer’s programs and files should appear. Select the Tamil language software. Click the “Sync” button. Wait for the process to complete.

Disconnect your Nokia cell phone from your computer. Press the “MENU” button. Navigate to your “Media” folder. Locate and select the Tamil language software. Follow the prompts for installing it to your Nokia phone. Press and hold the power button to shut it down. Wait 30 seconds, then press and hold the power button to turn your Nokia phone on. It should program to Tamil language.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Use your Nokia’s language settings whenever you want to send or view English messages.