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How to Unlock and Activate a Nokia 2320C-2B


Nokia’s 2320 “Classic” series of entry-level cell phones, despite the straightforward features, can still upgrade to a 32 GB microSD card and get the basic job of cellular communications done just fine for a price of about $25 — unless you want to take it to another network. If so, you will need to ask your old carrier for an unlock code or buy one at an online vendor before your new SIM card will even work.

Things You’ll Need : IMEI number

Write down your 2320’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. To obtain it, input “*#06#” and (usually) “Send.” If this doesn’t work, remove your back cover and battery and look at the label underneath.

Call your 2320 Classic’s old carrier and talk with a customer service representative. Give the representative your IMEI number and ask for the unlock code. You will be denied or your code will be sent to your email address, usually in about three to five days. If you’re denied, or can’t wait, navigate to one of many unlocking sites to buy one (see Resources). Prices will depend upon your old carrier and whether the former contract was satisfied. It’s a legal way to avoid your carrier.

Remove your back cover and battery, then remove the old SIM card from its holder under the battery. Leave this empty. Turn your phone on while plugged into outlet power or replace the battery. Enter in the unlock code when requested. Hit “Send.” You will be informed whether your 2320C-2B is clear for new service. Activate your new service provider. Simply turn off your phone, remove the battery and place your new SIM card into its holder. Replace the battery and back cover and power on with your new network.