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How to Remove a Security Code in Nokia 2600


The security code on your Nokia 2600 is your first defense in keeping people out of your phone. By enabling your security code, you force users to input the set code before reading any information or making any calls on the phone.

Some Nokia 2600 owners have so little concern of security breaches that they don’t need the security code anymore. In that case, you might want to remove the code setting from your phone.

Press the Menu key on the Nokia 2600. Go to Settings > Security settings in the phone’s menu. Click “Change Access Codes.” Enter the current security code. Change the security code to “disabled.”

Tips & Warnings

  1. The factory default for the Nokia 2600 security code is 12345.
  2. If you don’t know the current security code, you can’t make any changes to the security settings. Contact your mobile service provider for troubleshooting options if you have forgotten your security code.