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How to Reset a Nokia 2626


If you’ve acquired a Nokia 2626 or want to clear the phone of extraneous data, then you might want to reset the phone. The 2626 come with codes for a hard and soft reset to help you completely erase the phone or just enable the basic settings. Resetting your Nokia 2626 cell phone can help you get back to basics and instantly free up storage space.

Connect the AC charger to a wall outlet and insert the other end of the charger in the power outlet on the bottom edge of the phone.

Wait until the phone’s battery is fully charged. Leave the phone connected to the charger. Key in the code *# 7880 # on the keypad to soft reset the phone. This will not erase your data or your applications but will return the phone to its initial settings. Key in the code *#7370# to obtain a hard reset. This will return the phone to its initial settings and erase all data.