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How to Do a Hard Reset on a Palm TX


Sometimes faulty software programs or files are installed on our mobile devices, causing compatibility or function issues. Luckily, the Palm TX has an option called a “hard reset.” Performing a hard reset will remove all installed software programs and files and restore your Palm TX to its original factory condition and settings.

Press and hold the main power button on top of your Palm TX. Quickly tap the reset button on the back. Keep holding the main power button.

Wait for the second screen to appear (gray Palm logo). Release the main power button when the screen appears. Wait for the message “Erase all Data” to display, and then use your directional pad to select “Yes.” Wait for the Palm TX to reset. The system will be restored to its original factory setting.

Tips & Warnings

  1. Use your touch-screen pointer to press the reset button on the back. It is difficult to press with your finger.
  2. Performing a hard reset may cure your problems, but it will erase all of your data, including photos and files. Transfer your data to a PC or another device first to save it.