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How to Tether with a Nokia Cell Phone


If your Nokia cell phone includes Bluetooth wireless technology, you can tether it to your desktop computer or laptop. This lets you connect to the Internet from your phone. This is ideal for those who constantly travel but need access to the Internet.

It is also ideal for users who do not want to pay fees associated with Wi-Fi hotspots. You may even want to tether your Nokia cell phone if you live outside a suburban area.

Things You’ll Need : Bluetooth-enabled PC, Bluetooth dongle (optional), Nokia PC Suite

Insert the Nokia PC Suite software disc in your computer’s disc drive. Wait for it to launch. Alternatively, you can click “Start,” then “Computer,” and double-click the software’s icon.

Click the “Get Connected” button. Choose “Bluetooth” as your method of connection. Click the “Next” button. Select your phone’s model from the list. Click the “Next” button to continue. Nokia PC Suite will install the drivers for your phone.

Click the globe icon on the main menu. This gives you one-touch access to the Internet from your cell phone. Select “Standard Modem Over Bluetooth Link” on the “Select Modem” screen option. Click “Next” once again. Click the radio button to select your network provider. Select your provider and click “Next.” This tethers your Nokia phone to your computer via Bluetooth. To access the Internet, click the “One Touch Access” button on Nokia PC Suite.

Tips & Warnings

  1. You need a data plan to access the Internet from your Nokia phone.