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How to Unlock a Nokia With the PUK Code


Nokia phones that operate on Global System Mobility (GSM) have a special security feature to protect the SIM card. When enabled, a numeric code — referred to as a SIM PIN — must be entered before the device can be used. Multiple wrong entries of a SIM PIN will prompt you to enter an additional code, called a PIN Unlock Key (PUK). The PUK is an eight digit code. Your PUK is specific to your SIM card, and must be obtained from your service provider.

Contact your wireless provider to request the PUK code for your device. Most providers have a toll free customer service hotline — find the number on a recent bill or company website. You will need to verify your account details, such as a phone number and security code, before the PUK can be released to you.

Press and hold the “Power” button on your Nokia phone to turn it on. When the phone is locked, an “Enter PUK” message will display on the home screen. Use your keypad to type in the eight-digit PUK code. Press “OK.” An “Enter New PIN” message displays. Type in a new four-to-eight digit PIN code of your choice. Press “OK.” Re-enter the new PIN code when prompted to confirm. Press “OK.” Your Nokia will now unlock.

Tips & Warnings

  1. You can disable the request for PIN and PUK codes. From the main menu, choose “Settings,” then “Security Settings.” Choose “PIN Code Request” and select “Off.”
  2. Do not attempt to guess your PUK code. After 10 incorrect entries, it will become permanently blocked.