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How to Record on a Nokia Phone


Life happens quickly and there are often times we wish we could record activities at the spur of a moment. Most of us don’t carry around camcorders, though, and are left trying to burn the event into our memory.

Nokia has built a small video recorder into the camera function of the Nokia E63 smart phone that allows the user to capture short video clips that can later be downloaded to a computer. Activate the camera feature on the phone. Press the Menu button the display of the phone. Select “Media” and press the scroll button to move down to the “Camera” option, then press “OK.”

Press the scroll key to activate the recording feature of the camera. The display screen of the phone will show what is being recorded and how much time is available for the recording. Stop recording by pressing the “Stop” button on the display of the phone. Play, save or erase the video clip by pressing the appropriate button on the display of the phone. The phone saves video clips in the picture gallery.