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How To Build Flat Screen Televisions


To get rid of apprehensive questions like how to build flat screen televisions, you need to pay a close attention to the manual you are given with. Installing flat screen televisions are, sorry to say, not for indolent people. If you want to expunge your languid image in front of your spouse, get ready and build flat screen televisions using the following guidelines. Ensure your TV mount has a size of 25 to 50 inches and it is sturdy enough to hold television. Make the most of VESA standards to find the matching size of wall mount bracket that perfectly goes with your flat screen television size.

Things you’ll need: Drill machine, Screw driver, Stud finder(optional), Wrench, Pencil/chalk, Metal coat hangers, Measuring tape

Preparation and Installation:

  1. Read instructions carefully and arrange the mounting hardware accordingly. Locate the place to mount the TV. Make sure TV screen is not going to be glared with sunlight or window. Ensure TV is placed a little higher than eye level.
  2. Using a soft cushion, lay the television on its face down. On the back of TV, place the television mount and take measurements.
  3. Lay mounting bracket on the back of TV and fix the bolts into the back of TV using screw driver. Fix these bolts tightly using washers to fit in on TV perfectly.
  4. Use measurements of mounting brackets and mark these dimensions on the wall using pencil. Use drill machine to make holes in the wall, each hole must be at least sixteen inches apart.
  5. Screw in the mounting bracket with TV on the wall. Ensure hooks are attached and screws are driven and are fixed tightly.
  6. Use wire covers or metal cover hangers to hide the wires of flat screen televisions.

Before you embark upon making flat screen TVs just yet, a few warnings for you. Always use stud finder to find the studs. Also make sure there is no electric cable or electric socket behind the wall you are drilling in. One final thing you should be wary off, buy a mounting bracket that could carry 150 lbs weight if your flat screen TV weighs about 130 lbs. Now you are good to go.