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How to Install a Fuel Injector on a Chevrolet Corvette C4


The C4 Corvettes from 1984 to 1996 were known collectively as “the scientific Corvettes” and many innovations were introduced to these vehicles. In 1985, General Motors switched to Tuned Port Injection (TPI), their version of individual cylinder fuel injection. There were eight fuel injectors mounted in a fuel rail supplied with a flow of gas from the fuel tank under constant regulated pressure; additionally, there was a ninth injector for cold start. The fuel rail is located under the air plenum and runners. Removing an injector involves removing the plenum, runners and fuel rail to replace the old injector with a new one.

Tools Used: Tools, Wheel chocks, 3/8″ SAE socket set, 3/8″ metric socket set, 3/8″ drive internal Torx socket set, 3/8″ drive torque wrench ft-lbs, 3/8″ drive torque wrench inch-lbs, Crowfoot wrench set SAE, Crowfoot wrench set Metric, Needle-nose pliers, Fuel pressure gauge, Fuel collection cup, Assorted screwdrivers, Clean rags, Replacement air plenum gasket set, Replacement fuel injector(s), New fuel filter, New fuel injector O-rings, New fuel line O-rings, Cold start injector O-ring