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How to Repair a Broken Road TV


Knowing how to repair a broken road TV can be quite a challenge. When you’re traveling on the road, the people inside the vehicle can enjoy watching a portable TV that includes a DVD player. Many different electronics companies now sell road TVs that can make traveling more entertaining, particularly for children. If you start to have issues with your portable road TV, there are some things you can do yourself to repair it.

  • Check the connections. If your road TV starts to malfunction or loses power, it may have come unplugged from the AC adapter or the battery pack may be loose. Check these connections to repair the broken road TV.
  • Regulate the temperature of your broken road TV. Under temperature extremes, including hot and cold temperatures, a road TV might stop functioning or be unable to charge. If this happens, regulate the temperature inside your vehicle to repair the broken road TV.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio of your road TV. If the image seems stretched or distorted on the screen, you may need to adjust the aspect ratio to repair your broken road TV. All road TVs will have slightly different instructions. Check your user manual to be sure.
  • Get a new battery. While you can’t do this on the road, you may need to when you get home to repair your broken road TV. The battery inside usually has a set number of times that it can be recharged. Once you reach this amount, it will stop charging and must be replaced.
  • Get the fuse inside your vehicle repaired. Again, this can be tough to do on the road and will likely need the attention of a professional repair technician. However, a blown fuse will prohibit your road TV from being powered up and charging. The only fix is to replace the fuse.